Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we fabricate and install, kitchens, vanities, barb ques and more. We can do jobs from 60” vanity to a 150 sq ft kitchen with full backsplash and two waterfalls. Our shop has been cutting for more then a decade, this experience will help you avoid expensive mistakes and make the process painless. We will work around your busy schedule to get your job measured quick. Fast turnaround time; means as little as 5-7 days from the template you will have your kitchen back.

Yes, we have the largest remnant showroom in Florida. We keep over 1000 remnants of quartz, marble, granite, and quartzite in stock. We select the best pieces to be used for smaller jobs so you can walk through our 20,000 sq ft showroom and choose the perfect piece from 60” to 130” long. You can match any color or décor with our huge selection. We even have 3 cm pure white and white sparkle, Calacattas quartz and more all the time. Our exotic marble remnants come in both 2 cm and 3 cm and can save you thousands. Best of all, it’s in the same place.

No, quartz is a man made product that uses science. It is comprised of 93% refined quartz and 7% cement binding agents and resins. Quartz is heated to 800 degrees before hardening. The molecular bond allows for a stain free surface. If you ever spill wine, make up, or other things that sometime would stain other products, just use soft scrub with bleach and it will come right off. Remember it doesn’t penetrate the quartz surface. Most people don’t realize quartz has been around for 35 years!

Quartz comes from all around the world. The base product quartz is quarried in dozens of countries and then sent to the factories located on 5 continents. All companies use the same two patented machines to produce quartz. The difference comes in the patterns, applications, and markets sold to. There are several American Manufactures as well as our preferred trading partners that account for 95% of the quartz sold in the United States.

Yes, Marble is an excellent product for a kitchen or vanity. Marble is quarried around the world and has been used for decades as a preferred countertop. It tends to be more expensive, therefore less of a demand. For those who do chose it the lifelike surface is like no other. The most common misconception is that marble stains. With a one time SEALER application its sealed for life!

No- most of the colors we sell are done by the square foot installed. This means you pay for what you use. The only time a customer pays by the whole slab is if they have their own fabricator or exporting.

5-7 days. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. The process starts with customer coming to showroom and selecting material. We have over 3000 slabs in stock so finding the right selection is easy. Once you have selected material, we set up a template. (measurement of the kitchen) After the template is finalized install is only days away.

Granite, marble and Quartzite are best for outdoor applications. They stand up to the harsh Florida sun. Quartz has Resins that are not recommended for direct sunlight with UV rays.

We have one of the largest selections of Cabinets right in our showroom. We have shaker, flat panel, raised panel styles. The best part we have over 100 colors to choose from in stock. We can do an in home appointment or come to our showroom for a free 3d design.